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Definitionen av ordet "breathe":
+1 rate 1. respire; exhale; whisper; blow
+1 rate 2. v To breathe is to take air into the lungs and let it out again. It's so airless in here - I can hardly breathe. The instructor told us to breathe in deeply and then breathe out slowly. (figurative) She'd passed the test and she could breathe again/more easily (= feel calm because a difficult or dangerous situation has ended) . I'm sorry if I'm breathing (= letting out air containing) garlic fumes all over you! " Here they come," he breathed (= said very quietly) . (+ speech) (specialized) If you let wine breathe, you open the bottle for a short time before you intend to drink from it in order to improve the wine's flavour. We need some new people to breathe life into (= bring new ideas and energy to) this project. (literary) Her eyes fluttered open for a moment and then she breathed her last (= died) . (disapproving) If someone breathes down your neck, they stay close to you, watching everything that you do. It's awful having a boss who breathes down your neck all the time.
rate 3. petroleum industry to move with a slight, regular rhythm. Breathing occurs in tanks of vessels when vapors are expelled and air is taken in. For example, a tank of crude oil expands because of the rise in temperature during the day and contracts as it cools at night, expelling vapors as it expands and taking in air as it contracts. Tubing breathes when it moves up and down in sequence with a sucker-rod pump.
rate 4. to be utterly fanatical about; to be obsessed with: "He lives, eats and breathes 4-wheel drives"
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Konjugering av verb "breathe":
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Uttryck som innehåller "breathe":
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