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+5 rate 1. benefit, asset; something positive; virtue, decency, honor
+3 rate 2. excellent; pleasant; pleasurable; decent; valid; well-behaved; in fine condition; competent, skilled; positive; having admirable moral values
+1 rate 3. Cape of Good Hope formerly (1826–1910) Cape Colony; Former province, South Africa. Occupying the southern extremity of the African continent, it comprised the southern and western portions of South Africa; its capital was Cape Town. The black state of Ciskei and parts of two others, Transkei and Bophuthatswana, lay within its boundaries. Its name refers to the Cape of Good Hope, 30 mi (50 km) south of Cape Town. The original inhabitants included Bantu, San and Khoekhoe peoples. Bartolomeu Dias, en route to India in 1488, became the first European to visit the area. A colony was founded by the Dutch at Table Bay in 1652; it was ceded to the British in 1814. It joined the Union of South Africa in 1910 and the Republic of South Africa in 1961. The province ceased to exist in 1994, when it was split roughly into Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces.
+1 rate 4. Good Buy
+1 rate 5. Hywel the Good
+1 rate 6. John the Good
+1 rate 7. sexually attractive woman or man
rate 8. nice, excellent, of high quality
rate 9. French; "Good Buy"; Paris department store. It was founded as a small shop in the early 19th century and by ƹ 1865 it had become the world's first true department store. Its 1876 building was designed by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel (1832–1923). It is unrelated to the Bon Marché chain of department stores in the northwestern U.S.
rate 10. Cape of Good Hope
rate 11. Good Feelings Era of
rate 12. Good Friday
rate 13. Good Hope Cape of
rate 14. Good Neighbour Policy
rate 15. Henry Beauclerc French: Good Scholar
rate 16. Philip the Good
rate 17. William the Good;
rate 18. Howel Dda or Hywel the Good; died 950; Welsh chieftain called "king of all Wales. " He inherited Seisyllwg and secured Dyfed by marriage, thereby creating the kingdom of Deheubarth. Eventually Gwynedd and Powys also came under his rule. By 942 his realm was larger than that of any earlier Welsh ruler. He codified Welsh law during his peaceful reign and accepted the status of subking to the Anglo-Saxon king of Wessex.
rate 19. H E A L T H (adj), (n) better, best - useful for health or generally improving, or the state of being healthy or in a satisfactory condition Make sure you eat plenty of good fresh food. Too much sugar in your diet isn't good for you. It's good for old people to stay active if they can. You should stop smoking for your own good (= the benefit of your health) . He goes running every day for the good (= benefit) of his health. Take the medicine - it will do you (a power/world of) good (= improve your health (a lot) ) . You can't work all the time - it does you good (= improves your life) to go out and enjoy yourself sometimes. The rally has been cancelled for the good (= benefit) of all concerned. Modernizing historic buildings can often do more harm than good (= improvement) . Greater international stability can surely only be to the good (= generally helpful) . To the good can also mean with a profit. Property prices increased rapidly so we were £7000 to the good when we sold our house. (figurative) He was two gold medals to the good by the end of the day. Good times are periods of happiness or (esp. financial) success. As with most married couples, we've had our good times and our bad times. Even in good times, January and February are traditionally slow months for retailers.
rate 20. Used in the context of general equities. Including among the group and side (buy or sell) being discussed during the block call.
rate 21. Anything that anyone wants. All options or alternatives are goods. Goods can be tangible or intangible.
rate 22. stock formula used to describe a once popular method of relaxation
rate 23. great
rate 24. place or situation which has a good ambience
rate 25. one who is likeable, trustworthy, reliable
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