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+3 rate 1. exist; occur, happen; occupy a position or place
+2 rate 2. abbreviation Below or Equal
+1 rate 3. Below or Equal
rate 4. aviation Centennial (Spain) - IATA: BE; ICAO: CNA
rate 5. lightweight metallic chemical element commonly used in alloys
rate 6. quiet is almost always better than speaking
rate 7. any of the hereditary occupational groups in early Japan (c. 5th-mid-7th century), established to provide specific economic services and a continuous inflow of revenue for the uji or lineage groups. Each be was thus subsidiary to one of the uji into which all of Japanese society was then divided and each kakibe or worker, was effectively owned by the chief of his uji. Most be were agricultural units, producing rice for themselves and their superiors, but some engaged in crafts, fishing or specific court functions. Those that acted as scribes, interpreters, diviners or reciters for the court were national organizations; most other types of be were local. After the Taika-era reforms (AD 645) asserted imperial rule over the various uji, all be were abolished with the exception of those for specially skilled workers such as musicians and craftsmen, whose services were transferred from the imperial family to individual governmental departments.
rate 8. C A N (v) (+ to infinitive) I am you/we/they are he/she/it is, being, (past simple) I/he/she/it was you/we/they were, (past participle) been - used to say what can happen The exhibition of modern prints is currently to be seen at the City Gallery.
rate 9. Belgium (Internet)
rate 10. Belgium (ISO 3166)
rate 11. Belgium (FIPS 10-4)
rate 12. Béryllium (Chimie))
rate 13. Belgium (Participating Member State)
rate 14. Common Compound Library (Be) Element 4, atomic weight 9.0122, an extremely toxic metal used as a neutron source and in phosphors.
rate 15. Below or Equal Menor o Igual
rate 16. Back End
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