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Obituaries for Sunday, March 3, 2013 (03/03/2013)
Posted March 2, 2013 at 9:41 p.m. Lucy Kathleen Backer, infant daughter of Matt and Shannon Backer, died Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, at Deaconess Women’s Hospital in Evansville.
SHOWBIZ: Dickens’ reading of A Christmas Carol (03/03/2013)
VICTORIAN era novelist Charles Dickens, who wrote such classics as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Tale Of Two Cities, “comes to life” as he “reads” out another of his famous tomes in the theatrical production of Charles Dickens Performs A Christmas Carol.
'Pathological miser' fined and jailed (03/01/2013)
NANTES, France, March 1 (UPI) -- A French man was jailed for using photocopied supermarket discount vouchers and claiming money-back offers using multiple addresses.
Firefighters respond to ruptured gas line off Highway 150 (03/01/2013)
Firefighters are responding to a possible ruptured gas line in the upper Ojai valley.
Mayfair and Belgravia offers a more relaxed way to enjoy London Fashion Week 2012 (03/11/2013)
Visitors to London Fashion Week this month can escape the crowds and do some shopping amongst the relaxed streets of Mayfair and Belgravia. Mayfair and Belgravia are also home to the official hotel of the fashion event – The May Fair Hotel – which is offering a series of special promotions during the week.(PRWeb September 17, 2012)
Bloomfield Hills Car Accident Lawyer Urges Caution After Experts Predict Increased Deer Crashes In Michigan (03/11/2013)
Thomas L. Stroble, a personal injury attorney, cites a new report that lists Michigan as the fourth most dangerous state for deer-related accidents and Oakland County as having the second highest number of deer hits.(PRWeb November 03, 2012)
November Ranks Highest in Deer Collisions; First Chicago Insurance Company Offers Motorist Safety Tips Which can Reduce the Risk of a Deer-Vehicle Accident (03/11/2013)
November is the month when deer-vehicle encounters are most likely. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 18% of all deer-related automotive accidents happen in November. First Chicago Insurance Company offers motorists tips to avoid this costly form of auto collision.(PRWeb October 30, 2012)
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