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The definition of word "witness":
+3 rate 1. look on, see, observe; testify, vouch for, corroborate; be an eye-witness; note, notice
+1 rate 2. Person who witnesses a crime and gives evidence in judicial proceedings. The EU supports witnesses being able to give evidence in another Member State via video-conference technology.
rate 3. testifier; onlooker, bystander; eye-witness; testimony
rate 4. v A woman who witnessed the accident said that the car was going at more than 80 mph when it crashed. We were staying in the capital at the time of the riots and witnessed several street battles. He arrived home just in time to witness his brother being taken away by the police. (+ object + verb-ing) This university has witnessed (= experienced) quite a few changes over the years. The past few years have witnessed (= During the past few years there have been) momentous changes throughout Eastern Europe. Witness also means to show or give proof of something. This year's charity ball was the most successful one ever, as witnessed by the number of tickets sold. The programme aroused strong feelings - witness the number of letters received. If you are asked to witness an event, you are asked to be present at it and sign your name to prove that things have been done correctly. Her will was drawn up by a solicitor and witnessed by two colleagues.
rate 5. The regular definition of this word is a person who perceives an event (by seeing, hearing, smelling or other sensory perception) - Witness - Witness
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