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The definition of word "together":
+2 rate 1. cooperatively, simultaneously; in the vicinity of another person; interacting with each other
rate 2. stable with regard to the mind and in an emotional manner; well organized
rate 3. A T THE S A M E T I M E (adv) (not gradable) at the same time Everyone seemed to arrive together. We can deal with the next two items on the list together. These two factors are of course related and must be considered together.
rate 4. happy, successful; with it. Usage example: Cathy is really together. She's knows how she wants to live and she's doing it.
rate 5. "happy, successful; get it together, with it" Cathy is really together; She's knows how she wants to live and she's doing it.
rate 6. dance To bring the feet together with a change of weight
rate 7. capable and calm; in control of oneself: "She was a very together person"
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Expressions containing "together":
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