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The definition of word "thunder":
+3 rate 1. The crashing or booming sound produced by rapidly expanding air along the path of the electrical discharge of lightning.
+1 rate 2. Native American Thunder is generally regarded as a natural manifestation of power. Thunderer is the personification of the Thunder spirit. Thunder Beings are generally regarded as metamorphic animal-humans (transformers) who were powerful and knowledgeable, sometimes interacting with significant humans.
rate 3. toilet
rate 4. v, (n) - (to make a noise like) the sudden loud noise which comes after a flash of lightning esp. during a storma clap/crash/rumble of thunder We had thunder and lightning last night. There's thunder in the air, I wouldn't be surprised if we had a storm. (figurative) I couldn't hear what he said over the thunder (= loud noise) of the waterfall/guns/passing train. The sky grew dark and it started to thunder. The train/horses thundered along/by/past (= moved making a lot of noise), shaking the house. " I never want to see you here again," he thundered (= shouted loudly and angrily) at the boy. (+ speech)
rate 5. Dream symbol Emotions
rate 6. sound caused by a lightning discharge. The discharge heats and expands the air around it and forms a compression wave that is heard as thunder. The return stroke of the lightning flash produces a much louder sound than does the leader, because it transmits a more powerful electric current. Because the lightning channel is usually quite long, the thunder from the more distant portions arrives later than that from the nearer portions; this accounts for its duration. The distance to the flash may be roughly estimated by measuring the time lag between it and the thunder and allowing about five seconds per mile (three seconds per kilometre). Thunder is seldom heard at distances greater than about 15 miles (24 km).
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