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The definition of word "signs":
+2 rate 1. In marketing and advertising, a device placed on or before a premises to identify its occupant and the nature of the business done there or, placed at a distance, to advertise a business or its products. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used signs for advertising purposes, as did the Romans, who also, in effect, created signboards by whitewashing convenient sections of walls for suitable inscriptions. Early shop signs were developed when tradesmen, dealing with a largely illiterate public, devised certain easily recognizable emblems to represent their trades. Modern sign designers use various forms of animation and light.
+1 rate 2. Any means of communication through bodily movements, especially of the hands and arms, rather than through speech. It has long been used by speakers of mutually unintelligible languages; for example, various Plains Indian tribes in 19th-century North America communicated via a sign language; and is widely used for communication by the deaf. Charles-Michel, abbé de l'Épée (1712–89), developed the first sign language for the deaf in the mid-18th century; his system developed into French Sign Language (FSL), still used in France. Transported to the United States in 1816 by Thomas Gallaudet (1787–1851), it evolved into American Sign Language (ASL, or Ameslan), now used by more than half a million people. These and other national sign languages generally express concepts rather than elements of words and thus have more in common with each other than with their countries' spoken languages.
rate 3. anagram sings
rate 4. mark, symbol; signal, indication; hint, trace; notice, advertisement; astrological symbol; sign language, method of communication based on gestures and hand movements (commonly used by the hearing impaired)
rate 5. mark, indicate; write one's name; signal, gesture; make someone write his name; communicate through sign language
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