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The definition of word "sight":
+2 rate 1. vision, ability to see; look, glimpse; spectacle; viewfinder; range of view; point of view; ridiculous appearance
rate 2. see with the eyes, view; notice, discern; observe, look at carefully; locate in a viewfinder; equip with a viewfinder; direct, aim
rate 3. physiological process of distinguishing, usually by means of an organ such as the eye, the shapes and colours of objects.
rate 4. V I E W (n) something that is in someone's view The rope marking the end of the race was a welcome sight for the runners. The flowers at the annual flower show were a beautiful sight. You should always keep sight of your bags while you're at the airport. (informal) You can't go out in those clothes - you look a real sight (= look untidy or silly) ! The child laughed at the sight of (= when she saw) the clockwork toy. (formal) The lawyer requested sight of (= to see) the papers. I dare not let the children out of my sight in this park. The police officer was hidden out of sight (= where she could not be seen) behind a tree. Put the presents out of sight so we can surprise her. The castle came into sight (= started to be able to be seen) as we went round a bend in the road. We're looking for a house which is within sight of (= from which it is possible to see) the mountains. (figurative) The building was in/within sight of being finished (= almost finished) . The train left the station and disappeared from sight (= went where it could not be seen) . I've been learning music for a long time, but I still can't play it on/at sight . I caught sight of (= saw for a moment) my former teacher while I was out shopping today, but she turned a corner and I lost sight of (= could no longer see) her. (figurative) In the sight of the law, all people are equal. " Do you know David Wilson?" " I haven't met him, but I know him by sight (= I recognize him, but do not know him personally) . " (informal) She hated/loathed the sight of (= had a strong dislike for) her former husband. (informal) I'm sick of the sight of your mess - I wish you'd tidy up a bit. (informal) They used to be very good friends, but now they can't bear/stand the sight of each other. The question seemed easy at first sight (= when he first saw it), but when the student tried to answer it, he discovered how difficult it was. Her face after the accident was not a pretty sight (= her appearance was spoiled) . Have you seen all the sights (= places of interest, esp. to visitors) ? (informal) Get out of my sight! (= go away!) The price of the house we like is out of sight (= extremely high and beyond what we could manage to pay) . (slang) The group's new record is out of sight (= excellent) ! (figurative) We're paying so much attention to the details that we have lost sight of (= have forgotten about) our aims. (saying) ' Out of sight, out of mind' means that when something or someone cannot be seen, it is forgotten about. (informal) " You're a sight for sore eyes !" I never buy anything sight unseen (= without seeing it first) .
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