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The definition of word "royal":
+1 rate 1. A size of printing paper 20in x 25in (508 x 635mm).
+1 rate 2. Royal Navy
rate 3. n (C usually plural) (informal) The photographers follow the royals (= members of the royal family) everywhere, on the look-out for scandal.
rate 4. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
rate 5. Royal Academy of Arts
rate 6. Royal Air Force
rate 7. Royal Ballet
rate 8. Royal Canadian Mounted Police
rate 9. Royal Dutch/Shell Group
rate 10. Royal Greenwich Observatory
rate 11. Royal National Theatre
rate 12. Royal Shakespeare Company
rate 13. Royal Philips Electronics NV
rate 14. Royal Society of London for the Promotion of Natural Knowledge;
rate 15. officially Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Botanic garden located at Kew, site of a former royal estate in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames. In 1759 Augusta, dowager princess of Wales and mother of George III, laid out a portion of her estate as a botanic garden. It became an eminent scientific institution under the unofficial directorship of Joseph Banks. In 1840 the gardens were donated to the nation. Under Sir William Jackson Hooker (1785–1865), they became the world's leading botanical institution. Today they are home to 50,000 different types of plants, a herbarium of more than 5 million dried specimens and a library of more than 130,000 volumes. The three museums at Kew are devoted largely to economic plant products and a laboratory of plant genetics and classification.
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