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The definition of word "oats":
+1 rate 1. crushed hulled oats
rate 2. anagram taos
rate 3. cereal grass cultivated for its seed; seed of the oat plant, oats
rate 4. International manufacturer of grocery products. It was formed in 1901 by the merging of three milling companies from Ohio and Iowa, including the country's largest cereal mill. The company initially produced oat and wheat cereals, cornmeal and baby food. By the late 20th century, hundreds of food products had been added. In the 1960s and '70s, the company diversified into chemical products, restaurants and toys. Quaker purchased Gatorade in 1983 and sold most of its nonfood assets in the 1990s. The company merged with PepsiCo, Inc., in 2001.
rate 5. Hardy cereal plant (Avena sativa), cultivated in temperate regions, that is able to live in poor soil. The edible starchy grain is used primarily as livestock feed, but is also processed into rolled oats and oat flour for human consumption. High in carbohydrates, oats also provide protein, fat, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Oat straw is used for animal feed and bedding.; Mature oats (Avena sativa). Grant Heilman/Grant Heilman Photography, Inc.
rate 6. Mature oats (Avena sativa). edible starchy grain of the oat plant (species Avena sativa), a cereal widely cultivated in the temperate regions of the world. The flowering and fruiting structure or inflorescence, of the plant is made up of numerous branches bearing florets that produce the caryopsis or one-seeded fruit. The wild oat was first found in western Europe, apparently as a weed mixed with barley. Wild oats spread from there to other parts of the world. Common oats are grown in cool, temperate regions; red oats, more heat tolerant, are grown mainly in warmer climates. Among cereals, oats are second only to rye in ability to survive in poor soils. With sufficient moisture, oats will grow on soils that are sandy, low in fertility or highly acidic. Although oats are used chiefly as livestock feed, some are processed for human consumption, especially as breakfast foods. Rolled oats, flattened kernels with the hulls removed, are used mostly for oatmeal; other breakfast foods are made from the groats, kernels with husks removed, but unflattened. Oat flour is not generally considered suitable for bread but is used to make cookies and puddings. Oat grains are high in carbohydrates and contain about 13 percent protein and 7.5 percent fat. They are a source of calcium, iron, vitamin B1 and nicotinic acid. The grain is used as livestock feed in both pure form and in mixtures. The straw is used for animal feed and bedding. Oat plants provide good hay and, under proper conditions, furnish excellent grazing and make good silage (stalk feed preserved by fermentation). In industry oat hulls are a source of furfural, a chemical used in various types of solvents. Leading oat-producing countries include the United States, Belarus, Russia, Kazakstan, Canada, France, Poland, Finland, Germany and Australia. The demand for oats has been somewhat reduced by competition from hybrid corn and alfalfa.
rate 7. n. pl. - a grass-like plant, the seeds of which are used to make flour or are fed to animalsa field of oats Oats are a good source of carbohydrate. The biscuits contain oats. See picture: Cereals
rate 8. Open Air Test Site
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