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The definition of word "log":
+1 rate 1. also called maritime log, instrument for measuring the speed of a ship through water. The first practical log, developed about 1600, consisted of a pie-shaped log chip with a lead weight on its curved edge that caused it to float upright and resist towing. When the log was tossed overboard, it remained more or less stationary while an attached line (marked off with equally spaced knots) was let out behind the vessel for a measured interval of time (measured with a sandglass). The line and log were then hauled aboard and the speed of the ship determined by dividing the length of the line by the time interval. In the 19th century the log chip was replaced by a towed rotor or propeller connected by a line to automatic speed- and distance-measuring equipment. Two logs in use today are the pitometer log and the electronic log. The pitometer uses a pitot tube projecting through the bottom of the ship. The tube has one forward-facing and two side-facing orifices. When the ship is moving, pressure in the forward-facing tube exceeds the pressure in the side tubes; this differential is transmitted to equipment that translates it into a speed measurement. In the electronic log, which also protrudes through the bottom of the ship, a water-driven impeller turns a small electric generator, the current from which is proportional to the speed of the ship. This current is similarly used to produce a speed measurement.
rate 2. This mathematical term represents a change in value of what is being measured by a factor of 10. Changes in viral load (the amount of HIV in the blood) are often reported as logarithmic or "log" changes. For example, if the viral load is 20,000 copies/mL, then a 1-log increase equals a 10-fold (10 times) increase, or 200,000 copies/mL. A 2-log increase equals a 100-fold increase, or 2,000,000 copies/mL.
rate 3. aviation Loganair (UK) - IATA: LC; ICAO: LCG
rate 4. block of wood; journal of a voyage; journal; logarithm; (Computers) record of operations which occur in a computer or between two computers; heavy object
rate 5. cut down a tree or trees; cut a tree into sections; write in a log, make entries in a journal; travel at a certain speed, travel for a certain period of time
rate 6. v -gg- The forest has been so heavily logged (= so many of its trees have been cut down for wood) that it is in danger of disappearing. The timber company continued to log (= cut down trees for their wood) despite having been ordered to stop.
rate 7. Logarithm to the base 10
rate 8. An apparatus for measuring the rate of a ship's motion through the water that consists of a block fastened to a line and run out from a reel.
rate 9. Logistics
rate 10. Changes in viral load are often reported as logarithmic or "log changes." This mathematical term denotes a change in value of what is being measured by a factor of 10. For example, if the baseline viral load by PCR were 20,000 copies/ml plasma, then a 1-log increase equals a 10-fold (10 times) increase or 200,000 copies/ml plasma. A 2-log increase equals 2,000,000 copies/ml plasma, or a 100-fold increase.
rate 11. petroleum industry a systematic recording of data, as from the driller's log, mud log, electrical well log, or radioactivity log. Many different logs are run in wells being produced or drilled to obtain various characteristics of downhole formations.
rate 12. Logarithm (Base 10) Logaritmo (Base 10)
rate 13. Everquest To log off from EverQuest by camping. e.g. "Seeya guys, gotta log."
rate 14. To record everything in the chat window by way of the /log command. cf. logfile.
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