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The definition of word "liberty":
+1 rate 1. civil liberty
rate 2. B A D B E H A V I O U R (n) an example of speech or behaviour that upsets other people because it lacks respect or does not follow what is thought to be polite or acceptable What a liberty, to refuse the invitation on your behalf, without even asking you! (formal) I took the liberty of borrowing your bicycle (= I borrowed it without asking you) last night, but I brought it back this morning. If you take liberties (with) someone, you are too friendly with them to be polite or acceptable. She slapped his face for taking liberties. If you take liberties (with) something, you deal with it in ways that other people disagree with, esp. by changing it a lot. Her translation takes liberties with the original text.
rate 3. Organization of American colonists formed in 1765 to oppose the Stamp Act. The name was taken from a speech by Isaac Barré in the British Parliament that referred to American colonials who opposed unjust British measures as "sons of liberty." The group agitated for colonial resistance and helped prevent enforcement of the Stamp Act. After the act's repeal, the organization continued to oppose British measures against the colonists.
rate 4. Liberty Party
rate 5. Liberty Sons of
rate 6. personal liberty laws
rate 7. Statue of Liberty National Monument;
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