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let go

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The definition of expression "let go":
rate 1. verb To stop holding something; loosen your hold; release. For example: The boy grabbed Jack's coat and would not let go. Often used with "of". For example: When the child let go of her mother's hand, she fell down. GIVE UP(1a), LET LOOSE. To weaken and break under pressure. For example: The old water pipe suddenly let go and water poured out of it. Synonym: GIVE WAY Antonym: HOLD ON TO. To pay no attention to; neglect. For example: Robert let his teeth go when he was young and now he has to go to the dentist often. Or: After she was married, Jane let herself go and was not pretty anymore. To allow something to pass; do nothing about. For example: When Charles was tardy, the teacher scolded him and let it go at that. Or: The children teased Frank, but he smiled and let it go. LET OFF, LET RIDE. To discharge from a job; fire. For example: Mr. Wilson got into a quarrel with his boss and was let go. To make (something) go out quickly; shoot; fire. For example: The soldiers let go a number of shots. Or: Robin Hood let go an arrow at the deer. Or: Paul was so angry that he let go a blow at the boy. Or: The truck driver saw the flat tire and let go a loud curse. Or: The pitcher let go a fast ball and the batter swung and missed. CUT LOOSE, LET OUT. or (let oneself go) (informal) To be free in one's actions or talk; relax. For example: Judge Brown let go at the reunion of his old class and had a good time. Or: The cowboys worked hard all week, but on Saturday night they went to town and let themselves go. Synonym: CUT LOOSE, LET LOOSE, LET OFF STEAM.
rate 2. release, free; desist, leave alone; give up
rate 3. discharge from a job, fire; The company has decided to let go several hundred workers in order to become profitable again.
rate 4. break wind; fart
rate 5. express one's anger without restraint
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