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The definition of word "hunter":
+15 rate 1. one who chases and captures game animals; one who seeks; one who pursues
+2 rate 2. Thompson Hunter Stockton;
+1 rate 3. Hubel David Hunter
+1 rate 4. Hunter River
+1 rate 5. Hunter John
+1 rate 6. Hunter William
+1 rate 7. n A hunter is a person or an animal that hunts animals for food or for sport Animals in the cat family are hunters. Hunters kill crocodiles and alligators so that their skins can be made into shoes and handbags. Hunter is sometimes used as a combining form. a fox-hunter A hunter is also a type of horse, esp. one used in hunting animals.
rate 8. Australian post code State: VIC
rate 9. born February 27, 1926, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Canadian-born United States neurobiologist. He studied medicine at McGill University and in 1959 joined the faculty of Harvard Medical School. In 1981 he shared a Nobel Prize with Torsten Wiesel and Roger Sperry for investigations of visual perception, one of their achievements being analysis of the flow of nerve impulses from the retina to the brain's sensory and motor centres.
rate 10. born February 13, 1728, Long Calderwood, Lanarkshire, Scot. died October 16, 1793, London, Eng. British surgeon. He never attempted to become a medical doctor but assisted in the preparation of dissections for a course of anatomy taught by his brother William Hunter. In the early 1770s he began giving his own lectures on surgery and in 1776 he was named surgeon extraordinary to George III. He carried out many highly diverse and important studies in comparative biology, anatomy, physiology and pathology and is considered the founder of pathological anatomy in Britain. He was an important influence on Edward Jenner.
rate 11. born May 23, 1718, Long Calderwood, Lanarkshire, Scot. died March 30, 1783, London, Eng. British obstetrician, educator and medical writer. The brother of John Hunter, he studied medicine at the University of Glasgow and became a licensed physician in London in 1756. He introduced the French practice of providing individual medical students with cadavers for dissection to Britain. After 1756 his medical practice was devoted principally to obstetrics; he became the most successful specialist of his day and was made physician extraordinary to Queen Charlotte in 1762. His work did much to remove obstetrics from the purview of midwives and establish it as an accepted branch of medicine.
rate 12. born July 18, 1939, Louisville, Ky., United States U.S. journalist. He had run-ins with the law as a young man and served in the United States Air Force. In 1965 he infiltrated the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang and published his account, Hell's Angels, in 1966. His psychedelic-drug romp, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971), is considered a contemporary classic. Other books include Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 (1973), The Great Shark Hunt (1979) and Better Than Sex (1994). He created the genre known as "gonzo journalism," a style created from (by his own account) accident and desperation and his writing; idiosyncratic and subjective in the extreme and often wildly funny; gained him a large underground following.
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