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The definition of word "horseshoe":
rate 1. U-shaped piece of metal attached to a horse's hoof to protect it from rough surfaces
rate 2. attach horseshoes to a horse's hoofs
rate 3. shaped like horseshoe, U-shaped
rate 4. U-shaped metal plate by which horses' hooves are protected from wear on hard or rough surfaces. Horseshoes apparently are a Roman invention; a mule's loss of its shoe is mentioned by the Roman poet Catullus in the 1st century BC. The density and insensitivity of the hoof makes it feasible to attach shoes securely by nailing. The craft of the smith or blacksmith, the process of forging and affixing horseshoes, became one of the great staple crafts of medieval and modern times and contributed to the development of metallurgy.
rate 5. n a U-shaped metal object which is fixed to the bottom of a horse's hoof For many people the horseshoe is a symbol of good luck.
rate 6. bodybuilding a cable attachments that you grasp with one hand. It is commonly used for numerous chest, arm, and back exercises in which you work each side individually.
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