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The definition of word "government":
+1 rate 1. By government Foucault meant not so much the political or administrative structurs of the modern state as the way in which the conduct of individuals or of groups might be directed: the government of children, of souls, of communities, of families, of the sick.... To govern, in this sense, is to structure the possible field of action of others.
rate 2. ruling of a country or area; political control; group of people that rule a country or area; rule, authority
rate 3. English; "Friends of Constitutional Government"; Dominant Japanese political party from its inception in 1900 until 1940. Founded by It&#014D; Hirobumi, it initially stood for increased parliamentary participation in government. It was supported by the landlord class and zaibatsu business interests and was generally more conservative than its chief rival, the Democratic Party (Minseit&#014D;).
rate 4. Political system by which a body of people is administered and regulated. Different levels of government typically have different responsibilities. The level closest to those governed is local government. Regional governments comprise a grouping of individual communities. National governments nominally control all the territory within internationally recognized borders and have responsibilities not shared by their subnational counterparts. Most governments exercise executive, legislative and judicial powers and split or combine them in various ways. Some also control the religious affairs of their people; others avoid any involvement with religion. Political forms at the national level determine the powers exercised at the subnational levels; these have included autocracy, democracy, fascism, monarchy, oligarchy, plutocracy (government by the wealthy), theocracy and totalitarianism.
rate 5. tent government
rate 6. cloistered government
rate 7. city government
rate 8. government budget
rate 9. military government
rate 10. Friends of Constitutional Government;
rate 11. the political system by which a nation or community is administered and regulated. The subject of government is treated in a number of articles. For a survey of governmental systems, see government. For a treatment of the legal structures of governments, see civil law; common law; constitution; constitutional law; court; crime and punishment; Germanic law; police; Roman law; Roman-Dutch law; Scandinavian law; Scottish law; socialist law. For a treatment of fiscal and administrative operations, see government budget; public administration; social service; taxation. For political aspects, see political party; political system; public opinion. For a treatment of ethical and philosophical issues in the theory of government, see censorship; human rights; ideology; propaganda; anarchism; communism; conservatism; fascism; liberalism; nationalism; socialism. For a treatment of urban government in particular, see city.
rate 12. abbreviation govt (n) The government is the group of people who control a country. the government of Israel (C + singular or plural verb) When President Peron fell from power in Argentina, a provisional military government took office. (C + singular or plural verb) The Prime Minister is the head of the government. (C + singular or plural verb) The government is/are expected to announce its/their tax proposals today. (C + singular or plural verb) All the European governments will be represented at the summit meeting. The minister has announced that there will be no change in government policy. Prices rose dramatically under the last government (= during the time it was in control) . Government can also be used to mean all the departments which operate the decisions made by the group of people who control the country. In those days, many industries used to be run by the government. Senior government officials will be attending a meeting tomorrow. Government departments and agencies have been ordered to reduce their spending by 5%. Theatre companies are very concerned about cuts in government grants to the arts. A government enquiry has been launched. Government is also the system used for controlling a country, city, or group of people. The 1990s have seen a shift to democratic government in Eastern Europe. What this state needs is really strong government. Government can also mean the activities involved in controlling a country, city, group of people, etc.. The party that was elected to power has no experience of government. The party was in government (= controlled the country) for four years in the 1960s. Her/ His Majesty's Government is the group of people who control Britain. Her Majesty's Government is/are making a formal protest about the treatment British citizens have received in another country.
rate 13. The form of government of Iran is that of an Islamic Republic, endorsed by the people of Iran on the basis of their longstanding belief in the sovereignty of truth and Koranic justice, in the referendum of 29 and 30 March 1979, through the affirmative vote of a majority of 98.2% of eligible voters, held after the victorious Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khumayni.
rate 14. Dream symbol Guides
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