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The definition of word "execution":
rate 1. accomplishment, putting into practice, putting into effect; putting to death, putting a person to death following and in accordance with a judicial process; process by which a computer performs instructions of a computer program (Computers); process of running a computer program (Computers)
rate 2. n Execution is still the penalty in some states for murder. The executions will be carried out by a firing squad.
rate 3. The process of completing an order to buy or sell securities. Once a trade is executed, it is reported by a Confirmation Report; settlement (payment and transfer of ownership) occurs in the U.S. between 1 (mutual funds) and 5 (stocks) days after an order is executed. Settlement times for exchange listed stocks are in the process of being reduced to three days in the U. S. The time greatly varies across countries. For example, in France, settlements are only once per month.
rate 4. To carry out.
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