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The definition of word "disaster":
+1 rate 1. catastrophe, misfortune, calamity
rate 2. n - (an event which results in) great harm, damage or death, or serious difficulty Scientists have warned of the looming global disaster. An inquiry was ordered into the recent rail disaster (= a serious train accident) . It would be a disaster for me if I lost my job. This is one of the worst natural disasters ever to befall the area. Disaster was averted when the pilot took action to stop the plane from crashing. Heavy and prolonged rain can spell disaster for many plants. Everything was going smoothly until suddenly disaster struck. The club's difficulties edged closer to disaster (= serious difficulty) yesterday. Inviting James and Ivan to dinner on the same evening was a recipe for disaster (= caused a very difficult situation) they always argue with each other. Aid has been flown in to the disaster area (= the place where a very serious accident, such as an earthquake, has happened) . (figurative humorous) After the party, the house was a disaster area (= was extremely untidy) . (informal) If something or someone is a disaster, they are very unsuccessful. The evening was a complete disaster. As a teacher, he was a disaster.
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