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The definition of word "curse":
rate 1. anagram cures
rate 2. swear word; evil proclamation, imprecation; misfortune
rate 3. swear; blaspheme; wish evil on someone or something
rate 4. Conscious direction of negative energy towards a person, place, or object.
rate 5. S P E A K A N G R I L Y (v), (n) - (to say) a word or expression which is not polite and shows that you are very angry with someone or something He cursed violently when he broke the glass bowl. With a curse, she picked the papers up out of the puddle. I could curse her for losing my key! We could hear him cursing and swearing as he tried to get the door open. (informal dated) Curse this dreadful traffic! He cursed the day he was born (= was very angry with himself) when he saw what a mess he was in.
rate 6. menstruation
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Conjugation of the verb "curse":
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Expressions containing "curse":
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English - Latin Dictionary
to putrefy, connection, cunning, past tense of eo, hole, fire, trail, lawyer, demolish, castle

Latin - English Dictionary
recuperatio, compono, provideo, cuius, servare, ferox, ingredior, velox, patronus, flavus

Latin - German Dictionary
durare, antea, doleo, vegetus, deserere, nomen est omen, venustulus, traxi, sum, conexio

German - Latin Dictionary
stehen, fahne, angliedern, fahrer, frist, donnerstag, mut, art, maul, essen
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