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The definition of word "copper":
+3 rate 1. Cu, chemical element, reddish, extremely ductile metal of Group Ib of the periodic table, unusually good conductor of electricity and heat. Copper is found in the free metallic state in nature; this native copper was first used (c. 8000 BC) as a substitute for stone by Neolithic man. Metallurgy dawned in Egypt as copper was cast to shape in molds (c. 4000 BC), was reduced to metal from ores with fire and charcoal and was intentionally alloyed with tin as bronze (c. 3500 BC). The Roman supply of copper came almost entirely from Cyprus; it was known as aes Cyprium, metal of Cyprus, shortened to cyprium and later corrupted to cuprum.
rate 2. Everquest Copper. Smallest unit of currency in EverQuest. 10 Copper equals 1 Silver, 100 Copper to a Gold, and 1000 Copper to a single Platinum.
rate 3. police officer (from "cop")
rate 4. O F F I C E R (n) (informal) a police officer
rate 5. brahms and liszt
rate 6. Dream symbol Rheumatic healer
rate 7. cop
rate 8. Metallic chemical element, one of the transition elements, chemical symbol Cu, atomic number 29. Sometimes found in the free state in nature, it is a reddish metal, very ductile and an unusually good conductor of electricity and heat. Most of the world's copper production is used by the electrical industries; the remainder is combined with other metals (e.g., zinc, tin, nickel) to form alloys such as brass, bronze, nickel silver and Monel. Copper is part of nearly all coinage metals. In compounds copper usually has valence 1 (cuprous) or 2 (cupric). Cuprous compounds include cuprous oxide, a red pigment and a fungicide; cuprous chloride, a catalyst for certain organic reactions; and cuprous sulfide, with a variety of uses. Cupric compounds include cupric oxide, a pigment, decolorizing agent and catalyst; cupric chloride, a catalyst, wood preservative, mordant, disinfectant, feed additive and pigment; and cupric sulfate, a pesticide, germicide, feed additive and soil additive. Copper is a necessary trace element in the human diet and essential to plant growth; in blue-blooded mollusks and crustaceans it plays the same role in hemocyanin as iron does in hemoglobin.; Crystalline copper from Michigan; By courtesy of Ted Boente Collection; photograph, John H. Gerard
rate 9. Any member of the butterfly subfamily Lycaeninae (family Lycaenidae). Coppers are common and widely distributed. Adults, sometimes known as gossamer-winged butterflies, are delicate, with a wingspan of 0.75–1.5 in. (18–38 mm). They are rapid fliers, usually with iridescent wings. Coppers typically range from orange-red to brown, usually with a copper tinge and dark markings. Copper larvae feed on clover, dock, or sorrel.
rate 10. Copper Age
rate 11. copper butterfly
rate 12. porphyry copper deposit;
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