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The definition of word "angel":
rate 1. Islam Malaikah
rate 2. Islam Name of the angel who is the igniter of the fire of Hell.
rate 3. Islam Malaikah: Angels
rate 4. Islam Angel of Death (Izra'il , Azrail, etc.)
rate 5. Islam Malik is the name of the angel of Jahanam [Hell],
rate 6. Islam Munkar wa Nakir (peace be on them): The names of the two angels who will question the dead in the graves.
rate 7. Islam Rooh al-Qudus: "The Holy Spirit". Another name for the Angel Gabriel (Jibreel), peace be on him.
rate 8. Islam Redhwan is a common name of an angel who is the Guardian of Paradise.
rate 9. anagram glean
rate 10. anagram angle
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