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The definition of word "Po":
+1 rate 1. slang pissed off, angry
rate 2. abbreviation Piss Off
rate 3. aviation Polar Air Cargo (USA) - IATA: PO; ICAO: PAC
rate 4. place at which mail can be sent and received
rate 5. river in Italy
rate 6. chamber pot, night pot, portable toilet used at night (Slang)
rate 7. baseball Putouts
rate 8. short for "pode"
rate 9. short for "pode"
rate 10. interjection short for "porra"
rate 11. used to express anger, suprise or disappointment: "Pô, logo agora que eu estava quase conseguindo!
rate 12. Po Hai conventional Gulf of Chihli; Arm of the Yellow Sea off the northern China coast. With the Gulf of Liaotung (generally considered part of the Bo Hai), its maximum dimensions are 300 mi (480 km) northeast-southwest and 190 mi (306 km) east-west. The Huang He (Yellow River) empties into it.
rate 13. Po Chü-i; born 772, Xinzheng, China; died 846, Luoyang; Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty. He began composing poetry at age 5 and at age 28 he passed the examinations for the Chinese civil service. He rose steadily in official life and became the informal leader of a group of poets who rejected the courtly style of the time, believing that poetry should have a moral and social purpose. His satirical ballads and poems of social protest often took the form of free verse based on old folk ballads. He was revered in both China and Japan, where his poems, notably the "Song of Everlasting Sorrow," became material for other literary works.
rate 14. Li Bo or Li Pai or Li Po or Taibai; born 701, Jiangyou, Sichuan province, China; died 762, Dangtu, Anhui province; Chinese poet. A student of Daoism, he spent long periods wandering and served as an unofficial court poet. His lyrics are celebrated for their exquisite imagery, rich language, allusions and cadence. A romantic, he was a famous wine drinker and wrote of the joys of drinking, as well as about friendship, solitude, nature and the passage of time. Popular legend says that he drowned when, sitting drunk in a boat, he tried to seize the moon's reflection in the water. He rivals Du Fu for the title of China's greatest poet.
rate 15. Po Hai
rate 16. Po Chü i
rate 17. Li Po
rate 18. Po River;
rate 19. Parity Odd
rate 20. Portugal (FIPS 10-4)
rate 21. Polonium (Chimie)
rate 22. Postdam (Allemagne))
rate 23. slang police officer, parole officer or probation officer
rate 24. slang piece out
rate 25. Project Officer
rate 26. Purchase Order
rate 27. Private Office
rate 28. Parity Odd Paridad Impar
rate 29. Parity Odd
rate 30. chamber-pot
rate 31. PO euphemism for "piss off"
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