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The definition of word "Hello":
+45 rate 1. greeting, salutation
+21 rate 2. hi! (used in greeting); hey! (used to attract attention)
+11 rate 3. plural hellos, UK hallo (plural hallos), UK hullo (plural hullos) exclamation, (n) used when meeting or greeting someone" Hello, Paul," she said, " I haven't seen you for a few weeks. "" Hello, madam. Can I help you?" said the shop assistant. I know her vaguely - we've exchanged hellos a few times. Come and say hello to (= meet for the first time) my friends. (informal) And a big hello (= welcome) to all the parents who've come to see the show. Hello is also said at the beginning of a telephone conversation. " Hello, I'd like some information about your flights to the US A, please. " Suddenly the line went dead. " Hello? Hello?" he said, but there was no reply. Hello is also used to attract someone's attention. The front door was open so she walked inside and called out, " Hello! Is there anybody in?" (dated) Hello can also be an expression of surprise. " Hello, this is very strange - I know that man. "
+5 rate 4. interjection interrogative expressing disbelief: "We were told that if we laminated our citizenship certificate it would become invalid. Hello?"
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